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Toyota Industrial Equipment  

Toyota Industrial Equipment has long been established as the material handling expert in Saudi Arabia.  We are committed to providing a diverse range of tailored offerings that include the Raymond warehouse equipment brand.  Together, they are known for their reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain operations.

Toyota Industrial Equipment’s design advancements have improved the material handling process and enhanced end-user experience.  Their popularity with industry professionals is well supported by our aftersales service network.

  • In Saudi Arabia since 1975
  • Thousands of units in operation
  • A leader in material handling operations
  • 4S state-of-the-art facilities to ensure closeness to clients
  • All branches certified by Toyota’s aftersales service evaluation
  • Out-of-hours emergency cover
  • All mainstream parts available immediately

To help meet the growing demand for cleaner-running electric lift trucks, Toyota Industrial Equipment recently introduced the 8-Series, 4-wheel AC-powered, and electric lift-truck range.  The AC-powered system conserves energy and regenerates power to extend battery run time and maximize operational productivity between battery charges.  With up to 21% faster travel speeds, the new 8-Series minimizes the performance gap with its internal combustion counterparts.

Now, customers can have the best of both worlds – a powerful and environmentally friendly lift truck.

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