Creating Excellence

Creating Excellence in Material Handling Solutions


Providing clean, safe, and highquality products and services around the world.


For over 50 years of successful history, Toyota has been dedicated to giving form to the superior material handling solutions that fulfill the expectations of our customers.




Technical expertise forms the cornerstone of Toyota's strength. Our quest for professional excellence in technologies contributes both to our customers' peace of mind and to efficient operation.


Toyota forklifts introduced such advanced technology as the System of Active Stability (SAS), Traction Brake Control (TBC), and the AC drive system, placing us at the forefront of the industry.






The continuous pursuit of ever-higher levels of quality is what has sustained our strength throughout our history, and what will drive us into the future.


The basic idea is to build in quality in every process from designing to manufacturing. Toyota Production System (TPS) and "Kaizen" (continuous improvement), which can now be deemed standard on a global basis, are at the heart of all that we do.







To contribute to a sustainable society, Toyota undertakes initiatives to reduce environmental load throughout the product life cycle. Developing environment-friendly products and reducing the impact on the environment when manufacturing are our mission.


With the comprehensive technology of the Toyota Group, Toyota is promoting the development of hybrid forklifts, and fuel-cell forklifts.