Training Programs

Service Training Program 

For businesses that has large or even not so large a fleet of Toyota forklifts, supported and maintained by their own service staff, this training can help them become more efficient and excellent at what they do, through Abdul Latif Jameel there is training available for you.

Service Training Program provides technicians with professional instruction on both basic and advanced component this training has multiple reasons, the first and most important one is to enable the technicians to be more capable to repair the Forklift; another reason is to keep an eye on the quality of the technical staff of the end user.


Forklift Operators Training

Forklift Operators Training

Forklift Operator training provides your operators with the driver training they need to perform their tasks, it also help drivers to work more productively, cause less damage to their trucks and goods and even show them how they can use less fuel, saving money and the environment.

The objective of Forklift Operator training is to provide classroom instruction in the principles of safe equipment operation for the drivers of Forklifts. Operating a forklift truck is a specialized skill. Many accidents are caused by untrained drivers operating trucks in ignorance of the special conditions that apply to forklifts.


Forklift Operation Supervisors Training

Forklift Operation Supervisors Training

First line supervisors, in charge of forklift operations, have an unusual opportunity to reduce costs.  Unnecessary expenses are usually related to employees rather than to equipment or facilities.  In forklift operations, costs come down when operators are properly trained, motivated and supervised. 

Unnecessary expenses are related to low productivity, property damage, personal injuries, improper operation, and poor maintenance of the equipment. To reduce costs in other operating areas, it may be necessary for the company to make capital investments in new machines or remodeled buildings.


Training  with Employment 

Training with Employment

It is a joint cooperation between Bab Rizq Jameel and Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment, which aims to train young people on operating and optimizing the forklift. It also increases productivity and efficiency in operations, where they will be trained theoretically and practically.

This joint cooperation aims to extend the labor market with qualified Saudi staff for the positions of forklift operators through training and preparing them to fulfill the market needs. This initiative comes embodiment of a sense of social responsibility towards the Nation.

It also aim to assist in providing a large number of job opportunities for Saudi youth through training with employment program. We are confident that this initiative will contribute positively to the elimination of unemployment and take advantage of the energies of the Saudi youth.